Prepping Erica’s Tank And Swapping A Helmet

Some time ago, I put Erica’s original tank aside. The plan was always to strip and repaint it, so I decided to clean the tank a bit this week in preparation for stripping the paint.

The first step was add the task to Erica’s list!

The tank has had some of the paint wear off already, so there is a bit of surface rust.

I decided to use up the last of the “Rust Buster” that once belonged to my grandfather. I wonder if they still make this stuff?

The top of the tank came up nicely.

I decided to give the bottom of the tank the same treatment.

I took the rubber grommets out first and put them aside.

There were a lot of nooks and crannies to get into.

After a good wipe down, there seemed to be a noticeable difference!

I gave the grommets a coating of rubber grease.

I made sure to be generous with the application!

They came up almost as good as new!

I labelled a ziplock bag appropriately…

…then put the grommets in the bag to keep them relatively clean.

While I was doing this, my cat decided to come supervise. Satisfied that I was doing a good job, she left shortly afterwards.

I decided to get a shot of the tank after cleaning but before repainting for comparison once it’s finally repainted.

Finally, I made a list of things I might do with the shed itself.

Also, I had recently noticed an increasingly annoying rattle in the helmet I got from the Aldi motorcycle gear sale a few weeks ago. This was the third full-face Aldi helmet I’ve owned and I’d never had problems with the previous ones apart from needing to replace them after coming off the bike. Not because they broke, just out of general principle!

This week, I noticed the local Aldi had one left in the same size and pattern, so I asked the manager to put it aside and went back later in the evening to swap it over.

After testing the new helmet for a few days and confirming there was still no rattle, I fitted the Bluetooth headset into it.

I’ve also tested the tail bag and can report that it holds up to light duty loads well, as I was able to transport several 1 litre cartons in it quite safely and securely. I still have to test out the tank bag though!


Bagging, Tagging, Reorganising, And Some Spare Keys At Last

Despite a very busy Easter long weekend, I still managed to find some time to spend in the shed!

With the replacement mirrors for Sylvie having not yet arrived, I found I had time to reorganise a bit in the shed.

Despite tidying the spare parts up from the floor, I still had a pile of tools on the right side of the shed near the door.


The blackboard was woefully outdated, apart from updating Erica’s name.

I decided it was time for a fresh start, so I cleared it and wrote new headings.

The next day, I decided I didn’t like the spacing i’d left on the right, so I planned the layout on paper and started again.

I also realised I still had some sorting to do and needed a bit more room to work on that seized engine.

I reorganised the left bench space a bit and picked up the stray tools on the bench in the process.


After another day spent mostly with family, I started sorting the loose sockets.

Having been motivated to get the Fizzer ready to start again by the possibility of a swap for a ZXR250, I put the battery on to charge.

While the swap fell through, I figure it’s time to see if I can finish another project, so I’ll be ordering both the A and B kits from when my budget allows for it.

I also spent a fair bit of time time bagging and tagging the spare parts left over from the CB250RS parts transplant.

I stacked them neatly in the parts boxes and put heavier parts too large to bag on top to hold them down.


The smallest parts box went back on the shelf with an old soft rag on top before being tucked away under Erica’s final tank.

Despite it being a public holiday Monday, I finally got around to getting some copies of the keys cut for Scarlet, Erica and Sylvie, so I’m less worried about losing my one and only key for each of them now!


Over the next week I’ll try getting the Oxford heated grips off Rosie and installing them on Sylvie, as it’s getting quite cold in the mornings as autumn draws to a close.

Hopefully the mirrors will turn up too and both Sylvie and Erica can get a little closer to their respective original styles!

Interlude – Catharsis And Moving Forward

WIth the extra update last night, I’m not sure if this one is late or the last one was just early?

While waiting for more parts to arrive for Sylvie, I decided to look for my old GoPro. The plan was to check if anything needs replacing, as last time I used it the clip that holds the clear housing on had broken.

Because I haven’t used the GoPro in some time and I’ve rearranged pretty much everything since then, I wasn’t able to find it this evening. I did however find some old helmets that I’d been keeping for no particularly good reason, as they’ve either been crashed in or had hard knocks warranting replacement.

I decided it was long past time to dispose of the oldest two, so I cut off the straps and pulled them apart before tossing them in the trash pack.


This small action was strangely cathartic – by finally destroying these helmets and getting rid of them, I’ve cleared some physical shelf space and feel like I’ve cleared some mental cobwebs in the bargain!

Hopefully this will help keep me motivated to work on my bikes, as I’d like to get Scarlet or Eric running again next.