Shed Reshuffle, Charging Scarlet’s Battery And Sylvie Gets A New Kickstand

Last week, I started noticing Sylvie’s kickstand felt a bit wrong when I put it down. I checked it when I got home and found that the loopt that sticks out was starting to break!

The next day when I got home, the loop broke off completely.

As the stand was very hard to use without the loop, I ordered a second-hand one.

While I was waiting for it to arrive, I decided to rearrange the shed a bit. The bike lift, chopped CB250RS frame, and spare CB250RS wheels went up the back of the shed.

The spare CBF250 rear wheel went onto the wheel stand. I put the paddock stand on top of the wheel too, to keep it out of the way.

Some less frequently-used tools went on the back of the spare frame.

I had a quick look at the seized motor while clearing tools off the bench.

I put some more tools on top of the bike lift while it’s not in use.

I stacked a few more things at the back of the shed.

I updated Sylvie’s to-do list to include the side stand.

Then I moved Erica and Scarlet back into the shed.

It’s a little crowded but I’ll be reminded to work on them more this way!

Finally I hooked up the charger to Scarlet’s battery.

While it showed a charge without power connected, I suspected this would change.

Sure enough, the charger showed it was charging as soon as I connected the power.

I was expecting this to be everything I had for you this week, but a parcel arrived today!

It was well-wrapped inside the padded bag.

The springs were cable-tied to the stand to keep them neat.

So I set about replacing the side stand. Here’s the broken one.

After removing the nut from the mounting bolt, I found it was still attached quite firmly.

There was also a small bolt behind it holding the side stand switch in place.


With the small bot and switch out of the way, I was able to remove the main bolt.

Although the springs and some caked-on grease held it in place, the stand came off quite easily at this point.

Here;s the broken stand and the replacement side-by-side for comparison.

After cutting the cable tie and unscrewing the bolts, I knew I had to keep the switch mounting bolt but could replace everything else.

I manouevred the replacement stand into place.

Replacing the switch was a little trickier than I expected, as I hadn’t thought to bring a light with me.

For those of you trying this at home, there’s a small notch on the switch that needs to be lined up with the mounting post for the springs.

Once the switch was back in place, I put the nut back on and tested that the side stand switch still worked as expected. I’m pleased to report that it does!

Here’s the broken stand. The nut, mounting bolt and springs are still fine so could be kept as spares or resold.

Finally, I updated the to-do list!

I also kept the loop, which could probably be spot welded back on by someone with basic welding skills and more expensive tools than I currently own!

Maybe this week I can finally start troubleshooting the electrical faults on Erica and Scarlet! You’ll find out next week…


CB250RS Updates

Since I hadn’t posted anything about “the triplets” (Bruiser, Eric, & Scarlet) lately, I figured it was it was time for an update.

I’ve been gradually moving the parts in the best condition across to Scarlet while I wait for the carburetor overhaul kits to arrive.

First up, I swapped the side-stand from Bruiser to Scarlet, as Scarlet’s seemed to be bent.

Scarlet is on the left, Bruiser is on the right.

2014-07-26 10.34.26 2014-07-26 10.34.55

Scarlet’s original side stand is on the left, Bruiser’s original one on the right.2014-07-26 10.44.57

After the swap – Scarlet on the left again, Bruiser is on the right. I’m not entirely convinced that it wasn’t better the way they were originally!

2014-07-26 10.52.462014-07-26 10.52.35

I’ve been concentrating on trying get Eric to start, as I wanted to see if his carburetor was any better than Scarlet’s. I swapped the aftermarket ignition switch with the one that was originally on Scarlet, as the aftermarket one has the wrong connector.

2014-07-26 11.06.06 2014-07-26 11.06.19

The original switch doesn’t sit in quite the right place on the wrong instrument cluster.

2014-07-26 11.10.34

At least it can be connected to all the relevant cables though…

2014-07-26 11.10.56

The neutral light still hadn’t come on with the ignition turned on despite the transmission definitely being in neutral, and there didn’t seem to be any spark when trying to kick-start, so I charged the battery four a couple of days, then put it back in.

2014-07-29 19.54.40

Still no neutral light.

2014-07-29 20.04.02

Off comes the instrument cluster

2014-07-29 20.06.56

I figured I should check the bulbs, even though they had worked when the instrument cluster was on Scarlet.

2014-07-29 20.07.31

Cover off, and the bulbs seemed OK.

2014-07-29 20.08.34

I put the cluster back together and moved on, as this seemed to be a wiring fault and beyond my ability to troubleshoot at the time, as I was quite tired that evening.

I noticed the rear brake lever on Scarlet was looking a bit bent out of shape and wasn’t as shiny as the others.

2014-07-29 21.12.13

Bruiser’s looked a bit rusty but certainly a good deal less bent.

2014-07-29 20.31.50

After removal, Bruiser’s brake pedal looked a lot better than Scarlet’s, although for some reason I don’t seem to have taken a comparison picture.

2014-07-29 20.41.04

Scarlet after the swap.

2014-07-29 20.56.23

Bruiser after the swap.

2014-07-29 20.32.47


As it was getting late, I left it there for the night.

I’ll do the same tonight despite having more updates, as I’m falling asleep and have work in the morning!