Sylvie’s Constant Stalling Comes To A Head

Although I’ve updated Sylvie’s to-do list after replacing the handlebar and finding I didn’t need to replace the heated grips after all, I’ve found a new issue that needs attention!

Recently Sylvie has been stalling at idle with increasing frequency. Although this has been happening for a while, it wasn’t as noticeable as it has been for the last week. After doing some research and ruling out the carburetor as it was only rebuilt a few weeks ago, I suspect I may need to check and adjust the valve clearances, so this has been added to Sylvie’s list.

As it happens, the CBF250 valve clearances are adjusted using 7.5 mm shims. The FZR400 takes the same diameter shims, and as I’ve never checked the clearances in either I decided to get a shim kit with a variety of shims of different thicknesses.

This means that each cylinder head will theoretically only need to be removed once to check and adjust the valve clearances, provided I get enough shims of the right sizes in the kit.

Since the shim kit will take a couple of weeks to arrive from the US, I’ve been compensating for Sylvie stalling at idle speed by applying just a smidge of choke to keep the revs up.

Hang in there Sylvie, hopefully I’ll have you running properly again soon!

In the meantime, I’ll be ordering a few small parts for her such as the bolt caps for the handlebar mounting brackets and a replacement screw for the one missing from the right switch block. Hopefully they’ll arrive before the shim kit!

I’m also checking a few small things on the other bikes as and when I find the time.

This week I double-checked Scarlet’s fuses as part of the electrical troubleshooting.


All seem to be ok, so I’ll try swapping out the wiring loom with the spare one sometime soon and see if anything improves.