Sylvie Demands a Sleep-In, Her Bearings Arrive And I Suspect The Front Brake Pads

Just a short update this week, as I was celebrating my baby daughter’s first birthday over the weekend.

Last Monday Sylvie refused to start until I gave her a jumpstart from the car after not being ridden for a couple of days over the weekend. This wasn’t completely unexpected, as I’ve been using the heated grips a lot more now that the frosts have started and have a fairly short ride to and from work. I’m planning on fitting some wiring to allow a trickle charger to be connected in order to prevent this issue recurring in the dead of winter.

The replacement front wheel bearing kit for Sylvie arrived this week!

I was quite impressed with the kit.

While these looked like excellent aftermarket parts, I decided to take another look at the front wheel before fitting them as the noise seemed to be coming from the vicinity of the front brake caliper.

The pads seemed quite worn, so I decided to hold off on removing the front wheel until I have ordered some new brake pads and possibly a new brake disc. I’ll have to check the disc thickness just in case…

That’s all for this week. Next week I’ll most likely be making a weekend trip to Sydney to pick up some spare parts I’ve been offered for free if I can collect them!
Hopefully I’ll get some shed time in soon as well.


Khaleesi’s Sprocket Refuses To Budge And Sylvie Gets A New Footpeg

This week, I attempted to get Khaleesi’s front sprocket off with an old o-ring chain between the sprockets. I couldn’t fit the chain fully, as it was a little shorter than the length needed.

I had discussed my suspicion that the o-ring chain wasn’t likely to fit with Khaleesi’s owner and we’d decided against opening the sealed bag for the replacement chain in case it turned out the rear tyre was too wide. This turned out to be a wise choice, as there was absolutely no clearance between the old o-ring chain and the tyre.

I had no luck whatsoever with getting the front sprocket off, even with the old chain on the sprockets and the rear brake applied as hard as I could manage. As I don’t own an impact wrench and I’m not sure about the extent of the damage indicated by the cracked outer side of the bolt hole for the left side engine cover I discovered last week, I’ve advised her owner that he’s better off taking her to a qualified motorcycle mechanic.

Sylvie’s rear footpeg was looking a bit bare, so I had been looking forward to receiving the replacement parts for it.

The parts arrived, so I unpacked them ready to fit on the footpeg.

I didn’t realise when I ordered them that I’d  missed the plate at the end closest to the bike. The pillion pegs don’t get much use at the moment anyway, so I’ll order one with my next parts order for her.

With the new rubber cover fitted, the footpeg should at least stay in the folded position a little better!

That’s all I had time for this week. It’s my baby daughter’s first birthday next week, so I may not have free time for bike work. If that turns out to be the case, I’ll see if I can write a post about the work I did on my compressor recently that I’d intended to cover in a bonus post I forgot to write.



Swapping A Footpeg And Work On Khaleesi Continues

Since the replacement parts for Sylvie’s footpeg hadn’t arrived and I needed to keep riding Sylvie, I checked the pillion footpeg on the same side and found the parts were all the same. I decided to swap them over, so off they came!

I fitted the parts to the front footpeg and folded the rear one up and out of the way again. I’ll fit the new parts to the pillion peg when they arrive.

Khaleesi’s owner brought over the spare parts I’d been waiting for, so I unpacked the rag from the external shift mechanism and inspected the area where the replacement cover needs to go.

At first glance, everything looked ok.

I compared the old parts with their replacements.

On closer inspection, it looked like there was some minor damage to the engine casing I hadn’t previously noticed, but not enough for concern at this stage. I’ll make sure I let the owner know and re-check the bottom of the engine for evidence of oil leaks.

I started fitting the parts. I had put the new gasket in place before I realised that I needed to remove the front sprocket before the replacement cover place will go on.

This turned out to be somewhat more difficult than I’d expected as the engine turns over when I tried to unscrew the mounting nut, so I took a break for the evening and will consult the manual before giving it another go.

I will be fitting a new chain and sprockets on Khaleesi too – hopefully I’ll have an update on that next week!

If my replacement footpeg parts and bearing kit for Sylvie arrive next week, I may have a few busy weeks ahead…

Sylvie Loses A Footpeg Cover But Gets Some Other New Parts

This week, I noticed something amiss on Sylvie’s left footpeg. The rubber cover had come off completely and gone missing somewhere!

The right footpeg was normal, however.

I still need to order a replacement, as I had a busy week and haven’t got around to it yet. The replacement parts for the mudguard mount and handlebar bolt caps finally arrived though!

I started by removing the damaged and old parts from the mudguard mount.


I opened the packets and prepared the new parts

I fitted the replacement parts and tightened the bolts.

I then moved on to the handlebar mounting bolt caps. The original ones had been damaged after being removed and replaced multiple times.

I removed them a final time with the help of a small standard screwdriver.

The new caps compared with the old ones.

The new caps didn’t fit flush at first, as they needed more force when first fitted than I could manage with my bare hands.

A few taps with a wooden mallet later, they were quite snug in their new home.

Finally, I updated the task list for Sylvie.


I checked off the new tasks that were completed.

I realise later that I had forgotten to add the replacement footpeg cover, so I’ll be sure to add it over the next week!

I also go some work done on the compressor this week, so keep an eye out for a bonus post about that sometime soon!

Organising The Pegboard And Starting On Khaleesi

This week, I continued organising the shed so I could get to my spanners and made another timelapse video in the process.

Here’s the shed from outside before I started.

A better view of the organised pegboard.

I found a few stray tools that don’t belong on the pegboard – some JIS screwdrivers that belong in the toolbox and a cheap set of spanners I don’t use on vehicles due to poor quality.

This was the mess on the floor in front of the bikes.

I had left a space for this spanner on the pegboard, as I knew it was somewhere nearby!

Much better!

Sockets in the box of bolts? This is what I end up doing when it starts raining unexpectedly!

This bolt had escaped the box altogether!

Another socket out of place.

With the wayward sockets out of the bolt box I finally was able to close it again.

The stray socket was reunited with is siblings.

More random bits and pieces on the floor.

The bolt box was relocated to the bench without losing the rest of its contents and the side-cutters and sockets left on top of it until they find a more permanent place.

The inside of the shed was slightly more easy to get to again at last!

I even looked a little less cluttered from outside compared to when I started!

With the shed more organised, I started looking more closely at the damage on Khaleesi.

The plates below the front sprocket came off first.

First was a single JIS screw that needed my large JIS driver to remove.

The other mounting bolts were 8mm.

Once the plates were removed, I disconnected the Neutral switch lead connector and the 8mm mounting bolts.

With the bolts removed, the larger part of the cover came straight off.

The part that had broken off was held on by a 10mm nut.

The nut wasn’t all that was holding it in place though. The oil seal around the selector shaft was badly bent out of shape and unusable.

With the oil seal out, it still wouldn’t move!

Some gentle persuasion with a ball peen hammer and a small pry bar soon took care of that.

I don’t own a MIG or TIG welder and I’m not very skilled with my arc/inverter stick welder yet. I also don’t have any aluminium arc welding rods, so I didn’t attempt to weld these aluminium alloy parts back together!

Fortunately, it didn’t look like there was any internal damage other than to the gasket.

I put all the parts and tools aside on a clean scrap of cardboard in front of the bike lift so they are out of the way until the new cover goes on.

Finally, I covered up the remainder of the external shift mechanism with a shop rag.

I’m waiting on a replacement cover, sprocket and chain from Khaleesi’s owner before I can finish work on her, so that’s all for this week.

I’ll continue sorting the bike shed next week. Hopefully some of the parts for Sylvie I’m waiting on will arrive too!

Covers Go On The Bikes, I Take Stock Of One Shed, And I Attempt To Build Another

It’s been a surprisingly busy week, yet still not one with much action on the bike front as I’m still waiting on parts for Sylvie.

We had a thunderstorm, so the bikes still in the yard have had their covers put back on until there’s room for them in the carport again.

My pegboard for the bike tools needs refilling, as I still haven’t got around to putting them up again since the shed was reorganised.

While this side of the shed is somewhat organised, there are still a lot of random bits and pieces that need a permanent home.

The shelves on the left are getting a bit out of control, so there’s another round of reshuffling that also needs doing…

There are two bikes to work on in the shed but I need to talk to the owner of one of them and agree on a figure for the work that needs doing on it, I need to clear a few things off the floor before there’s really any room to work, and the other bike needs some clear bench space to put the motor on!

With everything gong on, poor Sylvie has been parked on my front footpath for the last few days and is looking a bit sadder than normal about not being ridden all weekend, perhaps because I had an extra day off?

I’m still waiting on some new parts for her and need to order those front wheel bearings too!

The reason the carport has been cleared out is to make room to build another shed in there.

This shed was originally intended as an art space for my fiancée and is now destined be used as additional weatherproof storage for the clutter in the house and other sheds so we can sort it and get rid of some junk. I moved a few things around in it this evening so they are less exposed to the elements, as I’ll need a bit more time to finish this shed off than I thought!

Sylvie was at least able to be moved back under cover when I’d finished. The rubber grip matting I’ve used as an extra seat covering is starting to wear under the grippier parts of my motorcycle pants, so I’ll need to find a more permanent replacement seat cover soon too!

I’ll get stuck into the cleaning up this week, so if any parts for Sylvie arrive this week, I’ll most likely have another busy weekend ahead!

The Bikes Get Some Air And I Have Doubts About Sylvie’s Bearing

Just a quick update this week, as I’ve been busy clearing up the carport in order to assemble another shed in it for a workshop. This of course meant moving all the bikes out temporarily!

Rather than leave the bikes I’m not riding out on the front driveway, I moved them into the yard and made sure all their side stands were supported so they wouldn’t sink into the ground.

Sylvie was squeezed back into the available space in the carport, as she’s my primary mode of transport.

I’m still waiting for the other parts for Sylvie to arrive and the grinding noise from the front wheel hasn’t stopped, so I thought I might be able to use the bearings from the pare rear wheel. Unfortunately, they’re not the same Honda part number, so they’re unlikely to be the same size!

I’ll be ordering an aftermarket bearing bit that includes dust covers, as it’ll be half the price of the genuine ones.

That’s all for this week, hopefully the parts will arrive soon for Sylvie and I’ll be able to fit in a bit more bike time next week…