Fred Sews Stuff! – (Repairing Some Of My Motorcycle Gear)

This week, I repaired some of my mototrcycle gear. Here’s a video overview:

The velcro on the strap on my right motorcycle glove had come loose. It had been flapping in the wind and annoying me on my commute to and from work, so I decided to do something about it.

I sewed the velcro back on with my trusty sewing machine and cut off the excess thread.

I also sewed the seam of the left leg of my pants back together, as I’d caught it on something with the zip undone and torn the seam apart.

I was planning on waterproofing the front of the pants again when I discovered the reason they’d been leaking in heavy rain – there were no hooks left on the velcro!

Hopefully, I get some more velcro and have the chance to sew it in before the next time I’m caught in heavy rain!

That all for this week – I’ll see what I have time for by next week.


This Year’s Aldi Loot, Including A New Helmet And Some Luggage!

Due to sick kids, this week’s post will  be short and sweet.

This week, I managed to get to the local Aldi in time to take advantage of their annual motorcycle gear sale. I managed to get quite the haul!

That’s a new helmet, a pair of size M armoured gloves, two new pairs of motorcycle socks, a size 2XL leather jacket that is a surprisingly snug fit, a size XL merino wool jumper that’s surprisingly loose, a neoprene kidney belt, a tail bag and a tank bag.  I’ll go into more detail on the luggage in coming weeks as I fit and start using it.

Sadly, there were no textile or leather pants this year and I already have a good pair of motorcycle jeans and the high boots in my size had sold out. Maybe I’ll find a pair at another, less busy store if I’m lucky?

I replaced my helmet, as I was wearing it both times I’ve come off the bike this winter. I decided to go with the silver graphic instead of matte black this year.

New helmet on the left, old on the right. Of course, I needed to mount the bluetooth unit on the new helmet!

As I’ve detailed this process before, I won’t go over it again. Instead,here’s the end result!

That’s all for this week!

In the coming weeks I’ll be fitting the luggage to Sylvie and road-testing it, checking the valve clearances (and adjusting them if needed), and trying to find time to track down the CB250RS electrical issues.