An Anniversary, Scarlet’s Carb Is Refitted, A Battery Charged, And Lists Updated

The last week was quite a busy one, so I haven’t spent a lot of time one the bikes. Last  weekend also marked the 20th anniversary of my mother’s death on the Australia Day long weekend, so I kept myself busy attending to my house and family.

I did manage to refit Scarlet’s carburetor though! Working on a Honda CB250 RS over this particular weekend is very important to me, as mentioned a couple of times on this blog before...

I had misplaced the mounting bracket for the throttle cables last week – I found it during a shed clean-up thought, so I replaced it before mounting the carvuretor

As the weather has been quite warm in the Australian summer, I was able to maneuver the carb back into the boot with relative ease. Once this was done, I reattached the throttle cables and choke cable.

I also glued a new reel for the power cabe.onto the base of my old combination work light/extension cable I use in the shed and carport. Although the light is quite bright, these pictures were taken with the flash on so it looks less bright.

Next I put Scarlet’s battery on to charge.

I reviewed and updated the spare motor task list.

I also checked off an item on Scarlet’s task list for the first time since revising it!

Finally, I took another look at the rebuilt carburetor.

I’ll see if I can get the airbox back in and start her again this week!


My Third Annual Start And/Or Ride A CB250RS Day

For many Australians, today is a day of celebration. For most indigenous Australians, it is a day of mourning.

For me it is both, yet neither.

19 years ago on this day I had the saddest news of my life.

RIP Mum. 

In light of this, January 26th has been my Annual “Start And/Or Ride A CB250RS Day” for the last few years.

Today, I got Eric to start again for the first time this year and confirmed that Scarlet’s battery is still in reasonable condition.

I gave Eric a thorough look over to confirm everything I already knew about that needs attention, and discovered a few things.

The fuel tap leaks when in the Reserve position and drips onto the engine. Not ideal, considering the small tank capacity. This was a new discovery.


While the left muffler is complete, the right one is only a header pipe (hence the exhaust note when starting him). This one was already on the list, and I’ve found a likely aftermarket bolt-on candidate.

20170126_164125 20170126_164200

20170126_153418 20170126_164209

Another known issue -the right side panel is missing, so I borrowed Bruiser’s to cover the battery for now.

20170126_163941 20170126_164035

His mirrors are currently on Sylvie, so he’ll get them back when Sylvie’s are replaced.


The fork seals are leaking terribly and the fork oil probably needs changing, or at least topping up. This was another new discovery.

20170126_163909  20170126_163926

The front brake master cylinder has no fluid whatsoever and could use a better cover.. While this was on the list, I’d forgotten about it.


The lights don’t seem to work at all, the rear tyre is flat, and last of all the rear of the frame has been chopped by a previous owner who was planning to turn him into a cafe racer or bobber. These are also known issues.

I’m thinking the best course of action at this stage is to remove Bruiser’s engine and transfer Eric’s engine and all the working parts onto Bruiser’s frame.

It’s also way past time I gave Scarlet some attention, so expect more vintage Honda updates in the near future!

In Memoriam.

For many Australians, today is a day of celebration.

For me, it means something very different.

On this day 17 years ago, I had the saddest news of my entire life.

RIP Mum. By this time next year, we’ll have taken one final ride together.


Edit: For anyone worried by the phrasing, don’t be!

I’ll be going on a road trip on this bike – the same model my mother used to ride – before putting her ashes to rest at sea.