Scarlet Starts Slowly Coming Together Again

This week I only managed a little bike time, as I’m in the middle of some woodworking projects and still needed to fit in some quality time with family!

Having reattached the carburetor last week, I needed to reinstall the airbox and battery holder.

The airbox went in first of course, as it needed to be maneuvered back into place.

Once the airbox was back where it belonged, I was able to line up the battery holder and electronics.

I reattached the CDI before putting the bolts in.

The battery was put back on charge for now, as I haven’t started the bike again yet!

I’ll try to fit in a bit more bike time over the next week and see if the leaking carburetor is fixed at last and if she starts any easier.If the leak;s fixed, I’ll see if I can finally find that electrical fault and get all the lights and horn working again!


Searching For A Stopper Plate Leads To A Cleaner Shed

Last week, I fitted my spare CDI to Eric but hadn’t had a chance to try starting him.

This week, I started Scarlet but wasn’t able to get her to run long enough to idle properly. I decided to try Eric and found he started more reliably but needed the idle speed adjusted again, so the replacement CDI did the trick.

While stating Scarlet, I noticed that the front footpeg was a bit loose and something seemed to be missing.


I checked Eric and confirmed he had a stopper plate that was missing from Scarlet, which explained the loose spring for the rear brake light switch!


I checked the contents of both my spares boxes and didn’t find one in amongst all the other parts!


So I decided to check Bruiser, Sure enough, his was still there.


Unfortunately, Bruiser was underneath the workbench I’ve left Rosie’s parts on (more on that in another post)


Rosie’s tank has also been taking up valuable shed floor space.


So I moved Rosie out of the shed.


The tank followed Rosie out of the shed.


There was still a fair bit on and in front of the workbench.


Having come this far, I decided to move everything else out of the way. Out came the dead heater, broken shelf, the lid for the the fibreglass parts box and oneof the few parts i still have from Nix – her original seat!


Looking better, I can see Bruiser’s front end properly now!


There was still a lot of stuff on the bench though!


A fair bit in front of the bench too…


Fortunately, I had a portable clothes hanger/shelf that some of that could go on…


Clearing a few things off the workbench…


20170226_112228 20170226_112150 20170226_112742

Finally clear of most of the extra stuff that’s not part of Rosie!20170226_112747

I moved the whole top of the workbench out parts and all, as I’d laid them out in a specific order when dismantling Rosie.


With the top of the bench removed, I just needed to remove one cross-piece…


…and the bench frame could be lifted out over Bruiser.


Now Bruiser was free at last!


The bench frame went on top of the bench top with Rosie’s parts.


I moved Bruiser in to the middle of the shed and took a closer look at the stopper plate.


I moved the workbench in front of the garden shed until it was ready to go back in the bike shed.


It occurred to me that this would be the perfect opportunity to rearrange the bikes so I could start swapping Eric’s engine onto Bruiser’s frame, so I moved Bruiser out of the shed too.


I’d noticed some damage to the shed floor while moving everything, so I had a look under the rubber floor mat while the shed was mostly empty.


The thin sheet of particle board I’d covered up this corner with had completely disintegrated, so I removed the remnants of it and placed a scrap piece of Craftwood over the damaged section of floor, then re-covered it with the rubber mat.

20170226_121607 20170226_171113

After a break for lunch during the hottest part of a summer Sunday, I spent some time rearranging the carport, put Rosie with the other bikes, and then put her cover on. 20170226_170448 20170226_170809

Back in the shed, I found a place for almost everything after a fair bit of rearranging!


All that was missing was Eric and Bruiser, so I moved them back in and called it a day.

20170226_181027  20170226_181259

The next step will be swapping Eric’s motor into Bruiser’s frame and transferring most of Eric’s other parts to Bruiser before attempting to free the stuck piston in Bruiser’s engine.

Time to consult the manuals and double-check the engine removal and refitting process!

Scarlet Gets A New Battery, And Eric A Spare CDI

To rule out the battery as the source of the electrical gremlins, I invested in a brand new battery for Scarlet.


This is the exact same model of battery I bought for her back in 2014, so I knew I’d have to fill it.


As filling the battery involved wearing gloves and handling acid, I opted not to take photos of this process.

I removed the old battery from Scarlet  and replaced it with the new one.


Old on the left, new on the right.


I threaded the outlet hose through the frame in case of leakage.


After starting Scarlet successfully with the new battery, the horn and lights still refused to work. At least I’ve ruled out a faulty battery!

Knowing that I now have 2 batteries that should start a CB250RS, I put the older battery in Eric, then had a look through my spares box for another CDI box. I soon found that I still had one in reasonable condition, so I cleaned the contacts with contact cleaner,  while the rubber mount and and the box itself were cleaned up with some Inox.


The mounting point was a bit too rusty for my liking, so it got a shot of Inox too before I installed the CDI.

20170219_211829 20170219_211859 20170219_212332

It was a little late in the evening to try starting Eric, so I decided to give the tank a bit of a clean up too.

20170219_212616 20170219_212700 20170219_212805

Seeing how it looked while still wet, I might have to go over it with some cut & polish, then follow up with some clear coat!

The seat got a good dose of Inox and came up quite nicely too.

20170219_212815 20170219_212858 20170219_213110

Next I’ll have to continue trying to figure out what’s not working and see why these won’t light up!


I might see if I can find the white paint pen I used on the choke and have a crack at re-lettering the dash lights too…


Scarlet Gets Her Mojo Back

I’ve been determined to get Scarlet working again, so I decided to have another look at the electrical system.

Of course, the first order of business was to remove the battery

20170212_122831 20170212_122856 20170212_123342

Before swapping the wiring looms over on Scarlet and Eric, I decided to follow up a suggestion from from a member of the forums, who had mentioned it might be worth replacing Scarlet’s CDI box with a known good one.


I put the battery on to charge for a little while before attempting any electrical troubleshooting.



Remembering that Eric seemed to have no trouble starting, I thought it a fairly safe bet that his CDI was in working order. Off it came!

20170212_124040 20170212_124306 20170212_124243

Looks pretty serviceable.


Scarlet’s looked ok at first…


…but on closer inspection it didn’t look so good. Scarlet’s old CDI is on the left, the replacement from Eric is on the right.

20170212_124817 20170212_125057

There was still a noticeable difference after spraying both sets of terminals with contact cleaner.


As the one on the left seems to have burnt out, it won’t be going on Eric. I may have spare somewhere for when the time comes to start him again.

After fitting the replacement, I had a quick look at the terminals inside the connection block.

20170212_125458 20170212_125540 20170212_125545

A quick dose of contact cleaner on those before connecting the CDI.


The CDI did the trick. Scarlet started!

There is still a bit of work to do, as none of the lights seem to be working. This is the best progress I’ve made on Scarlet in forever though!

I moved Eric back into the shed and parked Scarlet next to Sylvie.

They look pretty good together.


If I can figure out the rest of the electrical gremlins, Scarlet will be re-registered soon!