Sylvie Gets A New Tyre And A Windscreen

In the weeks since I rebuilt the carburetor, I got new rear tyre fitted for Sylvie and the loan of a Suzuki GS500 to ride to the nearest place to get a coffee while I waited.

After getting Sylvie back once the new tyre was fitted and being told to take it easy on the new tyre, I promptly dropped her in the early morning frost at the first roundabout on the way to work. Luckily my motorcycle pants took the brunt of the fall and I came out of it with nothing worse than some loose mirrors, a scraped bar end, a slightly sore knee and a badly bruised ego!

I decided that the bent handlebar might have been partially to blame, considering I’ve managed to drop the bike twice recently. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and order a replacement. The same seller happened to have the only genuine Honda aftermarket windscreen for a CBF250 that I’ve managed to find for sale, so I snapped that up too.

Before I knew it, my parcel had arrived!

While the packing could have been better, nothing was broken except the cable ties holding the handlebar to the box.

I decided to wait until the weekend to try installing things, yesterday I started cleaning off the part number stickers the seller had put on them.


I noticed during this process that the handlebar seemed a little bent, although better than the one it was replacing. I decided to use my spare CB250RS handlebar as a reference point to check the difference in angle between the ends of the replacement handlebar.

While I  did my best to bend it back into shape, the end result wasn’t noticeably different in photos.

I realised that I may not be able to remove the heated grip from the clutch side of the current handlebar without destroying it, as the melting point of J B Weld is pretty close to that of rubber and plastic. I opted to settle for fitting only the windscreen for now.

Installation was relatively simple, as the windscreen mounting brackets are held on by the headlight bolts.

The view from the riding position was not much different. 

I’ve found that while riding I can now see the reflection of the front indicators when they flash and there seems to be a little less drag. Overall I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ll try to get next week’s post published earlier if possible, as soon as I figure out what I’m doing with bikes for the rest of this week!