A New Tank Pad For Sylvie

This week, I set about removing the old tank pad from Sylvie to replace it.

The old tank pad had become quite brittle and was hard to remove, so I used the hard plastic blade of an old fan as a scraper.


I also used some heavy duty textured wipes to clean off the glue and remainder of the sticker.under the brittle clear layer.


It was slow going but I finally managed to clean off all traces of the old tank pad off.


I gave the tank a final wipe over and let it dry


Finally, I applied the new tank pad.


While the new tank pad looks very similar to the one it replaced, I’m hoping it’d better quality and that it lasts a little longer than the old one did!

That’s all for this week. Next week, I hope to return to working on either Rosie or Scarlet.


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