Scarlet Starting Video Still Processing

Short and sweet update this week, as although I did manage to get video of Scarlet starting again, I didn’t allow enough time for editing and uploading!

Instead, here’s a pic of Scarlet:

I also ordered some parts a replacement fuel tap and a replacement main jet for the one I took form the spare carb. I’m still waiting on the fuel tap.

The replacement main jet arrived though. It looks pretty much the same as this one, only shiner. I’ll get some pictures of the new one when I have other new parts to show off!

I’ll post another update when the video is edited and uploaded if it’s ready before next week’s regular update!


Scarlet Sprung A Leak, But Still Starts!

I had been smelling petrol fumes while in the bike shed lately – this week I found out why.

The fuel tap was leaking! Either I bumped it while putting the tank back on, the washer has perished or the fuel tap has simply seen better days – it is over thirty years old, after all!


The nut was a bit loose, so I tightened the it by hand and reattached the fuel line between the fuel tap and the carburetor.

While I was working in the shed, my stepdaughter came out to see what I was doing as dinner was nearly ready. She wanted to climb on Erica, so I snapped a shot of the next generation of motorcyclist.

Meanwhile, I’d taken Scarlet out of the shed to replace the battery before trying to kick-start her.

I’m pleased to report that she started with very little effort, so the carburetor rebuild seems to have worked!

Finally, my stepdaughter decided to try the back of Erica’s seat. She found it very comfy!

I’ll try to get some video of Scarlet running in time for next week’s update!

Scarlet Continues Slowly Coming Together

This week, I got a parcel from Thailand!

The packaging was quite plain.


Inside were 2 sets of (apparently) New Old Stock tank rubbers of the model that superseded the ones one Scarlet.

So of course I tried replacing the old ones before refitting the tank and seat.

The left ones are new, the right ones are the originals.

The new mounts in place.

I reconnected the wiring.

I tried refitting the tank and found it just wouldn’t fit! On closer inspection it turned out that the new mounts were substantially thicker than the originals.


I replaced the original monts and the tank as on again in a flash!

The mounting bolt seems to have disappeared somewhere in the shed, so I just put the seat back on over the top.

As it was quite late at  night by this stage, I took a couple more photos of Scarlet and finished up for the night.


Scarlet Starts Slowly Coming Together Again

This week I only managed a little bike time, as I’m in the middle of some woodworking projects and still needed to fit in some quality time with family!

Having reattached the carburetor last week, I needed to reinstall the airbox and battery holder.

The airbox went in first of course, as it needed to be maneuvered back into place.

Once the airbox was back where it belonged, I was able to line up the battery holder and electronics.

I reattached the CDI before putting the bolts in.

The battery was put back on charge for now, as I haven’t started the bike again yet!

I’ll try to fit in a bit more bike time over the next week and see if the leaking carburetor is fixed at last and if she starts any easier.If the leak;s fixed, I’ll see if I can finally find that electrical fault and get all the lights and horn working again!